Last updated: 17/02/2021


It is a condition of your participation that:

a) You are not prohibited from placing a bet with SportPesa (“we”) by any term of your contract of employment, or any rule of a sport governing body of which you are a member; and

b) Where a bet is placed on the outcome of a race, competition or other event, you do not already know the outcome of the event; and

c) You are not misusing “Inside Information” to place a bet, where “Inside Information” is defined as information relating to the participation in, the likely or actual performance in or outcome of an event or in-play activity within an event, which is known by an individual as a result of their role in connection with that event and which is not in the public domain; and

d) You are not using knowledge of a criminal activity or a malfunction to place bets, including but not limited to:

  • i) spotting a strong trend of bets contrary to the odds in a location close to the home of a primary player
  • ii) identifying individuals connected to a group of players placing bets on their team to lose
  • iii) being aware of an attempt to dishonestly manipulate the odds or the event
  • iv) becoming aware of a breach in sports rules which provides an advantage to those with advance knowledge

e) You have not manipulated the event or part of the event and used that information to place bets, including but not limited to:

  • i) sport fixing – this relates to bets on events within a match or event such as first penalty, and
  • ii) match-fixing – deliberately losing or being part of a collusion to fix the result of a match or event


a) We reserve the right to decline all or part of any bet requested at our sole discretion up to the time of acceptance of your bet by us. Once the bet has been placed and accepted by us then subject to your complying with all the provisions set out in these Betting Terms and Condition, we will honour your bet.

b) We only accept bets placed online via web and mobile devices. Bets are not accepted via any other methods such as fax, email, post etc and if received will be void win or lose.

c) It is your responsibility to read and understand all aspects of the bet, associated rules and how the bet will be operated and handled by us. For more information, you should refer to the General Sport Rules Section for the rules of the particular sport or event you are betting on. If you have any queries you should contact

d) We maintain that it is the customer who is responsible for their bet placement. Once a bet has been placed and a valid unique bet reference number confirmed it may not be cancelled by the customer.

e) We are not liable for the settlement of any bets where this valid unique bet reference number has not been issued. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that all of the details of their bets are correct.


a) We maintain the “win” calculation in the bet slip is for information purposes only and is subject to change.

b) We maintain that you agree that if a dispute arises our database transaction log will be used to arrive at an ultimate decision.

c) We maintain a delay on in-play bets and prices may change while the bet is being processed and if this occurs the bets will be re-offered at a different price.

d) The official result of any event will determine bet settlement and any returns/winnings due to any customer. Where there is a conflict of result information from two or more parties/sources we will settle customers bets according to the Competition/League official website and the PA (Press Association). If a conflict occurs between the official website and the PA we will settle bets according to PA data and statistics.

e) If after a period an appeal is lodged with a governing body for example and the appeal is upheld and the official result is changed this will not count for bet settlement purposes.

f) Bets are settled in accordance with the relevant sport governing body rules as set out in the General Sport Rules.

g) The betting limits and maximum pay outs differ per sport and are available in the General Sport Rules. The maximum amount of each bet varies according to the specific bet type and is subject to change without prior notice by SportPesa.

h) The rules regarding Postponements, Abandonments and cancellations differ by sport and are available in the General Sport Rules.

i) In the event of a breach of any of our General Betting Terms and Conditions we may refer the matter to the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission. Likewise, if a customer has a dispute about their account that cannot be resolved by our Customer Services team or the manager(s) responsible, you can refer this to the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission.

j) Non-runners / non-participants and void selections: Unless the bet in question was placed ante post all selections that fail to participate are declared void. For single bets stakes are returned and in multiple bets the bet stands on the remaining selections in the multiple.

k) Dead Heats – when this occurs stakes are divided by the number of selections that have created the dead heat. After the stake is divided bets are then settled at full odds.

l) Ante Post – Ante Post bets are accepted on the understanding that you will lose your stake if your selection fails to take part (all in run or not).

m) Any related contingency bets where one part of a bet is clearly related to another part of the same bet becoming more likely will be made void win or lose and stakes returned.

n) Where the same selection is bet for multiple Ante Post events then this would be a related contingency and unless a special price was quoted and taken by you, your stakes will be split by the number of events you chose in your multiple and placed on those chosen events.

o) Bonus to any bet types will not apply to Ante Post bets. E.g. Lucky 15

p) We take no responsibility for pricing errors and event discrepancies whether from ourselves or a third-party provider, including live scores, data, stats and start times etc.

q) This includes “palpable errors” of price /terms where they differ from price/terms available in the general market and the price offered is materially different from the probability of the event (bet) occurring.

r) Where we have continued to take bets at a pre-event price when the event has already started or indeed finished, bets taken in error will be made void win or lose and stakes returned.

s) We reserve the right to re-settle all or part of any bet where the initial settlement was incorrect because of manual or computer error.

t) We reserve the right to void any bet accepted in error after the betting has closed or where the event was completed or at a late stage where the customer may have known the outcome. In these situation, we will return your stake.

u) Any subsequent bets placed by you with monies applied into your account in error will be your liability and will only be made void at our discretion.


a) We reserve the right to withhold payment and declare bets void if we have evidence of a bet or a series of bets has been placed in suspicious circumstances (“Suspicious Betting”) including but not limited to:

  • i) An unusual pattern or frequency of bets on a particular selection within a short time frame
  • ii) There is an element of misuse of Inside Information or manipulation of the result by you or known to you that calls into question the integrity of the event
  • iii) Where you have used or influenced multiple or duplicate accounts to hide a betting pattern that would otherwise be found suspicious
  • iv) Where you are acting in collusion with others to place bets on the same selection(s)
  • v) Where you have deliberately concealed your location using a device or proxy system to hide or obscure your suspicious betting activity

b) Where we detect Suspicious Betting we will request such further information from you to allow us to investigate further (including working in conjunction with the relevant gambling regulator, sports governing body and law enforcement body). In the interim we reserve the right to suspend payment of any amounts requested by you, until the investigation has been satisfactorily concluded in your favour.

c) We reserve the right to terminate your account with us, if following our investigation we have reasonable grounds to uphold a Suspicious Betting determination. At that time we may seek to recover from you any losses suffered by us due to your illegal betting activities such as those set out above.

d) We will not be liable for any direct or indirect loss suffered by you or your associates as a result of any action taken by us under this Section 4.